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8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Borja


    Congratulations for the Channel. It´s a great sellection 90´s dance music. I danced with a lot of this songs, even today I like hear and dance when a DJ play 90´s dance music ;-)

    I hear you on internet with “Tunein radio” from the Canary Islands, Spain.

    Greetings to all


  2. Factory051

    When will the site actually have some mixes on it. Think we could really do with a spiritual home for WBMX. Do it justice, please.

  3. Joe

    Hi, Im from the UK and i found you on the TuneIn App a few weeks ago. I can’t turn off the All 80′s R&B, love love love the tunes, lots of great memories, keep it up!!!

  4. Joel

    Guys love u make me feel younger god bless you to bring back good stuff and memory’s like the both at taste of Chicago


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