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By on July 8, 2017

Contact Information And More For WBMX

WBMX.COM is part of a big family of Chicago icons including Q101 and WCKG

We deliver quality programming terrestrially and digitally.

For advertising across our network including WBMX, email your information to us at

So you listen to The Rhythm And Beat Of Chicagoland on 102.3 FM | 1530 AM on the weekends and want to tell the world about it right? Well, you really just want to be on the radio but you may as well be productive while on-air so… here’s how you can do it

Using your phone, just profess your love! Use the VOICE MEMO to record what you want to send to us! In the recording, let us know your name, where you listen from and how much you enjoy listening all weekend long. It’s that simple!

Once you have it recorded, email it to us at

Once we get it, we make it sound all purdy and one day while listening, you may hear yourself telling the world how much you love ‘The Beat’

You can also use the anchor app, if you’re familiar with it and find WBMX or WCKG on there and spread the love!

*By submitting it to us you agree and grant us the right to use it on the air and in any way we choose for marketing purposes.


Every Friday night, our mix show “Friday Night Jams” features guest DJS from our here in Chicago and around the world.

If you’d like to submit a mix for consideration to be aired, there is a procedure we have for all guest DJS to follow. NOTE: We only accept mixes that are classic dance, classic house, 80’s, 90’s early 2K – NO EDM

1. Send a link to of your work that is already online (i.e. SoundCloud, MixCloud etc).

We will check it out and, if we ‘greenlight’ you, we will notify you and send you drops to use in your ‘guest mix’ here.

We will provide you with ‘drops’ and liners for your mix, we send them to you dry. We only run mixes with our approved drops in them.

If ‘greenlit’, mix requirements

1. Mix must be 55 minutes at 320K MP3

2. Mix is due to us by Thursday at 7PM to be aired on the weekend show.

3. Tracklist must be submitted with mix along with links to your SoundCloud, MixCloud or social networking pages so that we can add them to your bio page on WBMX.COM.

4. We only accept mixes sent to us using WE TRANSFER, MEDIA FIRE, HIGH TAIL or a similar service – NO ZIPPYSHARE.

4. After your mix airs, we will then upload it to our HEARTHIS.AT page. We take the EMBED CODE from there and place it on a page we create for you here on the WBMX website along with the tracklist and links you have provided to your social networks. Mixes will be posted on Monday following your mix’s air date.

5. Once mix is posted on WBMX, all DJS will share the link from that page where their mix resides, tagging us in the shares.

That’s it!

We look forward to having you on the air as a guest DJ.

Sal, Lee, Armando, Matt


  1. William S Martin

    November 18, 2017 at 11:24 am

    I live in Freeport, Illinois and I can pick up WBMX on the FM band just fine. I enjoy your station very much!

  2. PD

    November 20, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    Hi William, thank you for the kind words, we really do appreciate it

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