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Decades: 1989

By on April 3, 2014

Decades On WBMX.COM: 1989

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1. Look Away » Chicago
2. My Prerogative » Bobby Brown
3. Every Rose Has Its Thorn » Poison
4. Straight Up » Paula Abdul
5. Miss You Much » Janet Jackson
6. Cold Hearted » Paula Abdul
7. Wind Beneath My Wings » Bette Midler
8. Girl You Know Its True » Milli Vanilli
9. Baby, I Love Your Way-Freebird » Will To Power
10. Giving You The Best That I Got » Anita Baker

Album of the Year: Nick of Time, Bonnie Raitt
Best Pop Duo or Group: “Don’t Know Much,” Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville
Best Pop Female Vocal: “Nick of Time,” Bonnie Raitt
Best Pop Male Vocal: “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You,” Michael Bolton
Best Rock Duo or Group: Traveling Wilburys Volume One, Traveling Wilburys
Best Rock Female Vocal: Nick of Time, Bonnie Raitt
Best Rock Male Vocal: The End of the Innocence, Don Henley
Record of the Year: “Wind Beneath My Wings,” Bette Midler
Song of the Year: “Wind Beneath My Wings”

1 Batman WB $251,188,924
2 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Par. $197,171,806
3 Lethal Weapon 2 WB $147,253,986
4 Look Who’s Talking TriS $140,088,813
5 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids BV $130,724,172
6 Back to the Future Part II Uni. $118,450,002
7 Ghostbusters II Col. $112,494,738
8 Driving Miss Daisy WB $106,593,296
9 Parenthood Uni. $100,047,830
10 Dead Poets Society BV

Winners in caps
Best Picture:
“DRIVING MISS DAISY”, “Born on the Fourth of July”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Field of Dreams”, “My Left Foot”
DANIEL DAY-LEWIS in “My Left Foot”, Kenneth Branagh in “Henry V”, Tom Cruise in “Born on the Fourth of July”, Morgan Freeman in “Driving Miss Daisy”, Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society”
JESSICA TANDY in “Driving Miss Daisy”, Isabelle Adjani in “Camille Claudel”, Pauline Collins in “Shirley Valentine”, Jessica Lange in “Music Box”, Michelle Pfeiffer in “The Fabulous Baker Boys”
Supporting Actor:
DENZEL WASHINGTON in “Glory”, Danny Aiello in “Do the Right Thing”, Dan Aykroyd in “Driving Miss Daisy”, Marlon Brando in “A Dry White Season”, Martin Landau in “Crimes and Misdemeanors”
Supporting Actress:
BRENDA FRICKER in “My Left Foot”, Anjelica Huston in “Enemies, a Love Story”, Lena Olin in “Enemies, a Love Story”, Julia Roberts in “Steel Magnolias”, Dianne Wiest in “Parenthood”
OLIVER STONE for “Born on the Fourth of July”, Woody Allen for “Crimes and Misdemeanors”, Kenneth Branagh for “Henry V”, Jim Sheridan for “My Left Foot”, Peter Weir for “Dead Poets Society”

Roseanne / The Cosby Show / Cheers / A Different World / America’s Funniest Home Videos
The Golden Girls / 60 Minutes / The Wonder Years / Empty Nest
NFL Monday Night Football / Unsolved Mysteries / Who’s the Boss? / L.A. Law
Murder She Wrote / Grand / In the Heat of the Night / Dear John
Coach / Matlock

Best Drama – L.A. Law
Best Actor – Peter Falk, Columbo
Best Actress – Patricia Wettig, thirtysomething
Supporting Actor – Jimmy Smits, L.A. Law
Supporting Actress – Marg Helgenberger, China Beach

Best Comedy – Murphy Brown
Best Actor – Ten Danson, Cheers
Best Actress – Candice Bergen, Murphy Brown
Supporting Actor – Alex Rocco, The Famous Teddy Z
Supporting Actress – Bebe Neuwirth, Cheers
Best Variety – In Living Color

Kentucky Derby Winner: Winning Colors – Trainer: D.W. Lukas – Jockey: G. Stevens

Football Super Bowl XXIV: San Francisco 55 – Denver Broncos 10
Pro MVP: Joe Montana SF (QB)

College Football: #1 Miami-FL
Heisman Trophy: Andre Ware, Houston (QB)
Rose Bowl: USC 17, Michigan 10
Orange Bowl: Notre Dame, 21, Colorado 6
Cotton Bowl: Tennessee 31, Arkansas 27
Sugar Bowl: Miami-FL 33, Alabama 25

NBA Championship: Detroit Pistons Vs. L.A. Lakers
Winner: Detroit in 4
Detroit Coach: Chuck Daley
L.A. Coach: Pat Riley
MVP: Michael Magic Johnson, G Average Points Per Game, 22.5

NCAA Champions: Michigan 30W – 7L, Coach: Steve Fisher

World Series
San Francisco Vs. Oakland A’s
Winner: Oakland in 4
San Francisco Coach: Roger Craig
Oakland Coach: Tony La Russa

National League
MVP: Kevin Mitchell, SF (OF)
Rookie of the Year: Jerome Walton, Chi Cubs (3B)

American League
MVP: Robin Yount, Mil (OF)
Rookie of the Year: Gregg Olson, Baltimore (P)


Alaskan Coast Hit With 11 Million Barrel Oil Spill From Exxon Tanker, “Valdez”

28 Year Old Investment Banker Raped In Central Park While Jogging

One Million Demonstrate For Democracy In Beijing, Students Take Lead

Soviets Complete troop Withdraw From Afghanistan

Oliver North Is Convicted In Iran “Contra” Affair

Khomeini Offers $5 million For murder Of “Blasphemous” Author Salman Rushdie

Hundreds Die In Tiananmem Square As Troops Open Fire On Demonstrators

5-4 Ruling By Supreme Court That Flag Burning Is Protected Free Speech

US Invades Panama

Solidarity wins first free election in 40 years

Earthquake Hits San Francisco Bay Area minutes before World Series Game

AZT is shown to delay onset of AIDS

Nolan Ryan sets record with his 5,000 strike out at age 42

Dow drops 190 points on October 13, second worst drop in history.

“Junk Bond” King Michael Milken earned $550 Million In 1987 From Drexel Lambert

Died; Sugar Ray Robison, Lucille Ball, Emporor Hirohito, Salvador Dali

166 billion Taxpayer bail out of savings and loan industry voted by Congress

Fear of pesticide “Alar” used on apples causes industry to suffer

Frozen yogurt, tetris and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are in.

The Rolling Stones tour grosses $70 Million

Ad for the talk show “Geraldo”: “Meet America’s Best Paid Lady Drug Dealers’

Michelob Dry and comedy cable TV channel are new.

Quote from Leona Helmsley: “We don’t pay taxes. The little people pay taxes”

Nolan Ryan at the age of 42 records his 5,000 th strikeout.

Movies gross a record $5 billion, “Batman” earns $250 million.

President: George Bush
Vice President: Dan Quayle

Population: 246,819,230
Life expectancy: 75.1 years

High: 2,791
Low: 2,168

Federal spending: $1143.17 billion
Federal debt: $2868.0 billion
Inflation: 4.6%
Consumer Price Index: 124
Unemployment: 5.5%

Cost of a new home: $148,800.00
Cost of a new car: $
Median Household Income: $28,906.00
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.25
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.12
Cost of a dozen eggs: $0.96
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $2.34

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