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DJ De La T | 11-3-17 | Friday Night Jams On 102.3 FM And WBMX.COM

By on November 7, 2017
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DJ De La T is a guest DJ on this week’s Friday Night Jams heard every Friday night at 10PM central time live on 102.3 FM WCKG, in the WCKG app.

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1. Tom Tom Club- Wordy Rappinghood
2. Magazine 60- Don Quichotte
3. Fun Fun- Happy Station (Italo Remix)
4. X-Ray Connection- Replay
5. Dharma- Plastic Doll
6. Control D- Vision In The Mirror
7. Wet- That’s The Game
8. Mirage-No More No War
9. Vicio Latino- Sabes Que Hora Es
10. MDMC- How About It
11. King Kong- Shadow Of The Night
12. Hugh Bullen- Alisand
13. Mascara- Baja
14. Afrika System- Anikana-O
15. Faxe- Time For Changes
16. Koto- Visitors
17. Attack- Crazy For Your Love
18. Africa- A.I.E. (A Mwana)
19. RIS- Let’s Stay Together
20. Cyber People-Polaris
21. Hypnosis- Pulstar
22. Cruisin’ Gang- On The Beach Tonight
23. Fun Fun- Give Me Your Love

DJ De La T on MixCloud
| DJ De La T on Facebook

I grew up on the near north side of Chicago. I came from a modest home with 2 parents that had to work for a living. Gangs were rampant in the neighborhood and there were easily many ways a young boy could end up in trouble but I chose to keep my nose clean and stay as far away from that sort of lifestyle.

I would say that by involving myself into music is what kept me out of trouble and would set the tone for my upbringing. I had a love for music at an early age and I actually bought my first records when I was 10 years old. I went to the local record store with about 10 dollars in my pocket and not a clue knowing what I was going to get.

I was bitten by the “DJ bug” when I was 12 years old when I met some of the local DJ’s. I would watch them perform on the decks performing tricks, scratches and blends.

I totally fell in love with the music and the way these DJ’s were able to manipulate the records and perform to the crowd. I knew that I wanted to be as good as they were so I quickly learned the ins and outs of being a DJ.

I bought my first set of turntables at the age of 13 from a friend in the neighborhood; they were a set of Technics 100’s with belt drives. I quickly learned how to beat match “Mix” and perform some basic tricks like phasing, repeating, and scratching. I quickly built my record collection with all the latest tunes available and went mobile doing mostly house parties and private parties for friends. Although I didn’t make much money doing this but the experience that I picked up playing in front of crowds was invaluable to me.

If I had to sum up my goals in music it would be to play at different venues all over the world and bring my music to the masses. I have a deep need to express myself musically and to interpret my feelings through my music.

Music for me is a feeling and an extension of my body. It’s what moves me and inspires me; it’s what keeps me sane when times are tough and what keeps me going every time I feel that I can’t accomplish something.

For all the music lovers out there- “LET THE BASS KICK”


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