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DJ Tommy T | 10-6-17 | Friday Night Jams On 102.3 FM And WBMX.COM

By on October 9, 2017
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DJ Tommy T is a featured guest DJ on this week’s FRIDAY NIGHT JAMS where we feature guest DJS all night long starting at 10PM on 102.3 FM and WBMX.COM.

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1. Can You Feel It—————CLS
2. In De Ghetto———-David Morales Feat. Crystal Waters
3. Acid Crash w/Everybody acapella——–Tyree Cooper
4. Big Time—————————-That Kid Chris
5. Sum Sigh Say——————-House Of Gypsies
6. The Goodmen———————Give It Up
7. House Of Love——————-Smooth Touch
8. Sugar Is Sweeter————-CJ Bolland (Armand Van Helden Rmx)
9. Azuca——————————R.A.W.
10. Bang Bang You’re Mine——-Bang The Party
11. Plastic Dreams——————-Jaydee
12. These Sounds (The Bomb)——-The Bucketheads

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dj tommy tRocking the decks at a young age, DJ TOMMY “T” has captivated dance floors across the globe with his unique style of mixing.

Born in Queens, and growing up on the outskirts of New York City, Tommy listened to an array of different musical genres from “Rock” to “New Wave” to “Hip-Hop” to “Freestyle” and to the underground sounds of “Club Music”.

It was at the age of thirteen when Tommy was first introduced to the “Club Scene”, his older friends who were already clubbin’ had turned him on to the one sound that perhaps paved the way for him in ways he’d yet to realize.

The DJ bug hadn’t bitten into Tommy just yet, for a while he’d had his hand in other aspects of the music industry, working in Promotions and as Road Management/Artist Development with Def Jam, Warner Brothers, & Sony, as well as the likes of various artists such as, Bad Boy Bill, C&C Music Factory (Ft. Freedom Williams),Nadine Renée (Of: Planet Soul) & Billie Ray Martin to name a few.

It wasn’t until after several years of clubbing and going to house parties with fellow DJ Friends, that Tommy started to realize his calling and figured he could do it better than some of the stuff he was listening to. From then on Tommy has been addicted.

“It was all a fluke, I used to enjoy the music and never had aspirations of dee-jaying until I wanted to hear music a certain way and I said I could do it better than the next guy”.
DJ’s such as David Morales, “BABY” Hec Romero, Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez, & Little Louie Vega were all influences in the Tommy “T” sound you hear today. As time progressed Tommy became infatuated with the Chicago House scene. This was the extra added ingredient to his special style.

“Going to Chicago is like being in school, the talent out there is first class and the experience and knowledge you gain from everyone is golden”

Being a big fan of classics such as the Salsoul rra, Tommy has been able to incorporate that musical knowledge into his sets.

Always looking for the next level to climb Tommy joined long time friend Roger Sanchez on tour to over see things and help out. This was the golden opportunity for Tommy, as he likes to call it: “S.O.S.” School Of Sanchez.

Tommy enhanced his mixing skills and programming by learning from the best. “This was an opportunity that I was blessed with, I learned alot”.

The Tommy “T” sound is very across the board, it’s Chunky, sexy, tribal, & deep with an edge of Techno. Tommy keeps it across the board so that you want more.
Tommy “T” has continued sharing his DJ skills to crowds from all over the world from various segments on AREA 33 SIRIUS RADIO to GROOVE RADIO to various other stations as well as DJ’ing in such great places as Colombia, South America, Canada and the U.S.A.

Tommy is not just limited to spinning house, he’s also has held down various hip hop residencies in NYC, among other dance music type genres as well.

Tommy “T” feels that it is important to educate the crowd and take the party to the next level. “I always vibe off the way the crowd reacts and then kick it up 100% giving them that extra edge of excitement.

Currently, Tommy “T” is touring and keeping busy in the studio working on making the people dance!!



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