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By on July 18, 2017


Energy Radio was to dance music in the 90’s what WBMX was to mixes and dance music in the 80’s.

In the mid 90’s, there were many dance music stations that picked up where WBMX had left off. B96 owed it’s ‘glory days’ to WBMX no longer being around.

But the one station many should know about is Toronto’s Energy 108. It was a true trailblazer back in the 90’s. It was that station that kept dance music and mixes alive and well. It also spawned off Energy-type stations across the U.S.A. including Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco. While there were attempts to bring dance to markets including Swedish Egil’s hard work at MARS FM and Groove Radio as well as Alan Freed’s Beat Radio and Sal Amato’s Cyber Radio, they didn’t have the big money behind them to keep it going.

Big City Radio did ‘dance music’ as a last resort and it’s that last resort they’re best remembered for. Unfortunately the company was so mismanaged they went belly up. While Energy Chicago was profitable, it couldn’t save the mismanagement and bad business moves made by the parent company. Due to stupidity, the stations wound up getting sold to cover the ineptness of management.

This video channel is everything played through those great years in Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco and we add to it every week so make it a channel you visit often.

Artists You’ll See On Energy Radio Classics

Benny Benassi, Fragma, Darude, Daft Punk, Vengaboys, Tiesto, Daft PunkArmin Van Buuren, D.H.T., ATC, Kate Ryan, Ann Lee, Alice Deejay, Bloodhound Gang, Cascada, Kylie Minogue, Groove Armada and more.

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