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Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez’ House 005 – 102.3 FM And WBMX.COM (9/1 and 9/2 2017)

By on September 4, 2017

When you think of Chicago radio and all the on-air talents, few, if any started out as a successful club DJ. Even less have ever had a hit record. Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez is one of the few who has.

Frankie started out mixing on WBMX. Once WBMX was sold in Oct. 1988, Frankie would move over to B96 as a mix show dj and set that station up for its most successful ratings ever.

Frankie’s personality got him in the door of the studio where he’d do the 6-10 shift then, when Eddie & JoBo were sent on hiatus for a few years, Frankie was thrown into doing mornings. From there, Frankie’s talents took him damn near close to the top of the ratings, he also hit the studio to produce two hit records and began to get involved with video production. Today, Frankie’s work is seen on TV around the world today.

One of the first to dive into video mixing, Frankie’s video mixes take the club and the DJ to a whole new level. You can check some of those video mixes out and more below.

Now Frankie’s back and he kicks the weekend off here on 102.3 FM and WBMX with his show at 10PM on Friday nights then he comes back for more at 6PM on Saturdays to lead into the Saturday Night Live Ain’ No Jive Chicago Dance Party.

Listen online in the WBMX APP, the WCKG APP for Android or iPhone and the iHeartRadio APP (search WCKG).

If you miss the mixes, you don’t have to record them, we do it for you! You’ll find all the mixes archived on demand here on WBMX.COM.


1. Pump Up The Jam – Bodybangers
2. Hotel – Pitbull
3. I See You Baby – Grandma Funk
4. Sugar – Robin Shultz
5. This Is What i Came For – Rhianna
6. Intoxicated – Martin Slovieg
7. Booty Bounce – TJR
8. Sexy Bitch – Akon
9. Rendezvu – Basement Jaxx
10. Birthday – Steve Aoki
11. What’s Up Suckaz – TJR
12. On My Way To The Liquor Store – Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt
13. Feel That Fire – FHR VS Risk Assessment
14. Music Sounds Better – Basada
15. Get Down Some More – Chic Vs Ivan Jack
16. Memories – David Guetta
17. Run To You – Flo Rida & LMFAO
18. Can’t Get Enough – Soul Searcher
19. Soffi Needs A Ladder -Deadmouse 5
20. I Want You – Paris Avenue
21. You And I – Medina
22. Look Into Your Eyes – Armand Van Heldon
23. Bring The Noise – Public Enemy Vs Benni Benassi
24. Shut Up And Let Me Go – Ting Tings
25. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
26. Cola – Camelphat & Elderbrook
27. Pick Up The Pieces – Average White Band
28. Can’t Hold It – Disco Swindle
29. Follow Me – Alyus
30. Booty Call – Fast eddie
31. She Has A Way – Bobby O
32. Gimmie Some Lovin – Africanisim
33. Superstar – Bob Mcguilpin
34. Spring Afair – Donna Summer


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