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This is the one and only, the original, the true, the real WBMX tribute page dedicated to the home of house music, old school and the radio station that brought house music from the underground to the mainstream back in the 1980’s here in Chicago.

You can order WBMX gear, listen to mixes as they were captured back in the day on 102.7 FM | 1490 AM, learn about the Hot Mix 5, house music’s roots and how WBMX played its part in bringing it all to over 1,000,000 people each week in Chicago back in the 1980’s.

While there are other sites out there using our name, pretending or trying to dupe you into thinking they’re what we are, they’re not even close to anything that has to do with us. This site is owned by Armando Rivera, the man behind the mic of the mixes back in the day, it’s operated by Sal Amato and WBMX former PD Lee Michaels. We were all there and everywhere in the city and ‘burbs back in the day. We’ve kept the REAL history preserved so it can never be revised.

We are the original, we’re what most people around the world cite when they talk about the Hot Mix 5, the roots of House music, the DJ and more. We’re where it all started and we welcome you back to it all here.

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Now for the real cool part…. our good friends at 102.3 FM | 1530 AM are the only station that actually bring you the mixes and the music of WBMX on the radio!

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