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By on August 20, 2015

Kenny Jammin’ Jason was the senior most experienced DJ when it came to ‘radio mix shows’ on WBMX back in the day.

Kenny was part of the “Hot Mix” team on Disco DAI, 94.7 FM. Disco DAI was the station Steve Dahl was fired from when it flipped to the disco format back in 1978. Dahl was let go and wound up at Chicago’s “Loop”, 97.9 where his Disco Demolition and “Insane Coho Lip Army” helped kill disco in 1979 – what a great thing to have on your resume.

wdai hot mixes

wdai hot mixes

Jason was part of the mix team at Disco DAI that featured Lou Divito, Peter Lewicky, Scott Adams, and Charlie Di Giovanni.

From there, he would go on to win awards as Bilbooard DJ Of The Year for the Midwest in the early 1980’s and as an original member of the Hot Mix 5 spinning at clubs throughout Chicago and on the radio for over 35 years with mix shows across the country.

He also became a Cook County sheriff where he would retire as a Lieutenant.

hot mix 5 street sign

hot mix 5 street sign

All members of the Hot Mix 5 were given a Hot Mix 5 Way honorary street sign in the heart of downtown Chicago at the intersection of Columbus And Balbo as well as their own individual signs to be placed in the areas they either came from or wished to be honored.

Armando Rivera organized the Hot Mix 5 Reunion which would sell out for two shows at the House Of Blues back in 2007. Rivera also labored extensively to help make sure that not only the Hot Mix 5 received an honorary street sign but each member of the Hot Mix 5. It was at the first show where the honorary street signs were brought to light and shared with the fans. (See below)

kennny jammin' jason street sign

kennny jammin’ jason street sign

Check out Kenny’s honorary street sign unveiling below which is located at the intersection of Logan Square Blvd. and Kedzie in front of Johnny’s Grill. Sadly, Johnny’s Grill was forced out back in 2014 but the street sign is still there.

Listen to mixes, interviews and anything else out there below on the Kenny Jammin’ Jason channel

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