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Live Set From Sal Amato At Safari Club In 1989

By on August 19, 2015
sal amato

This was a cassette I must’ve done for a friend long ago. His wife found a bunch of cassettes in the their garage. This was from a Thursday night in may of ’89 where we used to do about 1,000 people plus for $1 U Call It night, that meant everything including top shelf was a dollar.

I had just become a stock broker too – took the Series 7 just to prove I had a brain as well as 63, P,C,A.L & H, 22 and 3.

I was a big fan of Yukon Jack at this time and am pretty sure I was partaking heavily in it throughout the night including during the making of this tape.

Listen to it on demand or download it for free…. you’re welcome


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