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The House Music Awards Are Coming

By on August 19, 2015
house music awards


Jesse Saunders, the ‘originator’ of house music, a man who created a style of music that is now the staple of all dance music today. An honorary member of the U.S. Dance Music Hall Of Fame (inducted 2013), Saunders has taken it upon himself and others in the house music community to create the first annual HOUSE MUSIC AWARDS.

We had a chance to sit down with Jesse and talk about house music, its beginnings, the real story and more last year, check out that interview below.

House Music is the world’s favorite music to dance to. It takes you to places that make you smile. It’s the only form of music that brings peace, love, and harmony. House Music is all about love and understanding. That’s why it’s time for Jesse Saunders to recognize the stars and legends of House Music with the HOUSE MUSIC AWARDS.

As an original member of the internationally known Chosen Few DJs organization, who recently celebrated 25 years of their Reunion Festival in Chicago (which garnered over 40,000 in attendance and featured a special shout out from the President of the USA, Barack Obama), Saunders is the organizer and presenter of the Chosen Few DJs House Music Awards. These awards have recognized Pioneers in the foundation of House Music for the past five years. This year, he presented awards to Evelyn “Champagne” King, Stephanie Mills, and Cory Day (pictured with him at left). Known himself as the Originator of the House Music genre for having written, produced, and performed its first official release, “ON & ON” in January of 1984, Saunders recognizes the importance of acknowledging these new, outstanding Pioneers in House Music.

On his 25th Anniversary of House Music Tour, Saunders presented awards to the top Pioneer responsible for making House Music a staple in that market, giving out more than 30 awards in all, including one in Johannesburg, South Africa. According to Saunders, “It’s time to bring awards to the current state of House Music, which is the parent of EDM. All the current talent needs to be recognized, not only locally, but nationally and internationally.”

Which brings us to the House Music Awards for 2015/2016. We are looking for sponsors, participating House Music organizations, and awards production personnel to help bring Jesse’s foresight to fruition.

Here are some questions with answers provided about the event:

In What Cities will the local awards be hosted?
As of this date the current list of projected Awards cities are (confirmed cities in bold): Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Washington DC/Baltimore, Charlotte, New Orleans, Denver, Philadelphia, Nashville.

What does the Awards event consist of?
The Event itself is a “2 in 1” type of event. It will feature the Awards portion presented in an upbeat exciting style, DJ Performances, Live Artist performances and Feature Presentations as a sit down show, but with a slight twist – The audience is encouraged to dance during the performances and interludes because “House Music” just makes you feel that… In most cases the venue will also be the after party with DJs and more live performances.

Is there an Educational aspect?
Yes, each market will feature a seminar or Q & A pre-event which will feature a prominent Key-Note Speaker and/or Panelists, who will lend foresight and relatable history to the state of the House Music Industry.

Who will attend?
Record Labels, Artists, Artist Representatives, Media, Promoters, DJs and other industry professionals will have first shot at ticketing and special seating. Shortly thereafter the public will have access to ticketing on a limited basis. The after-event will be open to all to attend!

Who Votes?
The House Music Awards are an unbiased awards show voted on by industry representatives and the public in a 60/40 ratio (60% industry and 40% public) to infuse a system of checks and balances.

What are the Categories of Awards to be voted on?
Artist, Vocalist (Male/Female), Producer, Remixer, Event (Festival/Club), DJ (Male/Female or Duo), Best MIX, Label, Event, Song, Songwriter, Legend and a category we are most proud of the “Dance The Night Away” Award. This will feature the best and most committed dancer.

Are the Judges in various cities?
Yes, there is an advisory board as well as recognized House Music industry professionals in radio, retail, mix shows, promoters, archiving foundations and more representing each city.

Do Local Representatives Vote on the National Awards?
The local reps and public vote in local categories. The nominees resulting from the votes are entered into the National suggestions. The National suggestions are voted on by the Advisory Board and the Public. It is possible for a local nominee who does not win in his/her market to win the Nationals. It’s also possible for a person who is not nominated in a local market to be nominated in the Nationals if there was no local awards held in their city.

What does being a Sponsor entail?
The Title Sponsor (Local: $5,000 or National event: $10,000) shall be featured and recognized prominently on any and all marketing paraphernalia with multiple mentions during the event itself. A Category Sponsor ($500 to $1,500) can sponsor any one or more of the awards categories or specific department(s) associated with the awards such as the Red Carpet, Program, Graphics, Hospitality, manufacturing of the Awards, Production (Sound, Lighting, Visuals), Advertising Co-ops and more.

Who can be a Sponsor?
Any local or national brand, industry associated company or organization, etc. can be a sponsor. Sponsors usually have a vested interest in being presented to and in front of the type of audience that the awards garners, therefore giving them the chance to have their brand or product prominently displayed and influencing purchase or awareness.

What are the duties of Awards Production Personnel?
Production Personnel scout locations, direct traffic on the web for suggestions for possible nominations, assist in marketing, handle ticketing, prepare and institute hospitality, handle crowd control, setup displays, visuals and process the actual awards and recipients. Every Awards event has a production staff.

What is considered a House Music Organization?
Any Organization that has a direct or indirect tie to the world of House Music including Record Labels, Booking Agencies, Marketing and PR companies, Music or Video Production, Event Promoter/Producers, Music Technology companies and more…

What is the House Music Organization’s role?
Depending on the specific organization it can range from sponsorship, participating in promotional aspects and more. Please contact us for more information.

Are there any non-profits associated?
Yes, the principle non-profit organization is the Music & Arts Society, which specializes in supporting Arts and Music education for kids in the school systems and communities across the USA. We also support local and/or national charities with donations from each event as well.

For more information, all interested parties should contact Danell Parker, Public Relations for Jesse Saunders group of companies.

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