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Tony Boom Boom Badea | Saturday Night Live Ain’ No Jive Chicago Dance Party (6/17/17)

By on June 18, 2017

Tony Boom Boom Badea

Tony Boom Boom BadeaTony Boom Boom Badea is a featured resident DJ on our Saturday Night Live Ain’ No Jive Dance Party heard every Saturday night at 7PM central time live on 102.3 FM WCKG, in the WCKG app.

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1 This Is A Test (Acapella) Armin van Buuren
2 Forget Me Not Chase
3 Never Let You Go Sweet Sensation
4 No More Tears Abby Lynn
5 One Way Love TKA
6 Look into my eyes George Lamond
7 Maria TKA
8 Change On Me Cynthia
9 Bad Of The Heart George Lamond
10 No Reason To Cry Judy Torres
11 Scars Of Love TKA
12 Should Have Never Let You Go Luis Damon
13 Where Are You Tonight Coro
14 Crying Over You Soave
15 A Day In My Life (Without You) Lissette Melendez
16 Dreamin Of Love Stevie B.
17 I Have Dreams Eillen Flores
18 I’ll Be All You Ever Need Trinere
19 Now & Forever Nyasia
20 Promise Me Lil Suzy
21 Please Stay Tonight Judy Torres
22 Take Me In Your Arms Lil Suzy
23 Highway Of Love Jonny O
24 Dream Boy-Dream Girl Cynthia & Johnny O
25 Why Did You Quit On Me Bernardo
26 Endless Night Cynthia
27 Forever Amo’r (Amo’r Mix) D’Zyre
28 Run Away Love Johnny O
29 Together Forever Lissette Melendez
30 Praying For An Angel Rochelle
31 Time Passes By Lissette Melendez
32 JUST BE YOU DJ Tony Badea
33 Kick 808 2 Native Instruments
34 Come Into My Arms Judy Torres
35 Without You George Lamond
36 No Reason To Cry Judy Torres
37 One More Chance For Love LAW
38 If You Want Me Soavé
39 Spring Love Stevie B
40 My Fallen Angel Coro
41 Alabyes Donna Williams
42 I Won’t Stop Loving You C Bank
43 Holding On Judy Torres
44 Don’t Stop The Rock Freestyle
45 When I Hear Music Debbie Deb


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