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Video Channels: U Dance With B96

By on September 29, 2014

Video Channels: U Dance With B96

When WBMX was sold in 1988, there was a lull for a bit in dance music.

Brian Hitmix Middleton was under heavy constraints at B96 for their mix shows, Z95 was dead in the water doing little to nothing due to mismanagement from above and Chicago radio was bland, lame, and in need of a change. Other than rock stations and lame AC and WGCI, dance was pretty much gone.

You can thank the new owners of V103 (at that time), they were very, very anti-dance, anti-house and anti-young demos. Don’t let them bullshit you, they took it away, it didn’t ‘go away’.

It’s not that what they put on was bad, it’s that they acted like what they just paid over 27 million dollars for – the crown jewel of Chicago radio, was somehow not worth much as it was. That’s BS, the original owner paid through the ass to bring Lee Michaels back to fix what the owner wrecked so he could get the station sold at that high price. It was an R&B station but the mixes were the difference, the street influence of DANCE music was the difference from all other stations in the market, but we digress….

Eventually, Connie V at B96 (Julian Perez’ on-again, off-again girlfriend) was working at B96 and finally got one of the most inept PD’s in the history of radio to make some adjustments to the mix shows. As he left, another inept PD who was as useless as they come finally succumbed to the fact that maybe he should just get out of the way and let dance music do its thing. It should be said that before this unnamed putz #2 came along, Joe Bo was very, very instrumental in fighting for hits like “If You Only Knew” by Chip E and others to be added to B96.

Anyways… Julian, Bad Boy Bill, Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez and others would go on to carry the traditions they learned at WBMX on at B96 throughout the 90’s and Brian Middleton proved he could hang with the ‘big boys’.

U Dance was a show that featured dance mixes, hot dance artists of the day and more. Hosted by Julian, Frankie, George McFly (while he was here in Chicago) and others on Chicago’s WCIU, Channel 26, “The U”

This is where you’ll find great video footage from that show on Chicago’s Channel 26, “The U”.

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