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The Veteran DJ Dominic | 10-20-17 | Friday Night Jams On 102.3 FM And WBMX.COM

By on October 23, 2017
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THE VETERAN DJ DOMINIC is a guest DJ on this week’s Friday Night Jams heard every Friday night at 10PM central time live on 102.3 FM WCKG, in the WCKG app.

Listen online in the WBMX APP, the WCKG APP for Android or iPhone and the iHeartRadio APP (search WCKG).

Back in the day, many people used to record the mixes on the radio so they wouldn’t miss them. Today, we do all the work for you!

You can listen to all the mixes here on the website and in the app. All the past mixes are archived here for you to listen ON DEMAND with their tracklist and information about the DJS.
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1. Nova – You Can Do It with DJ Dominic Re-Edit & Intro
2. Monet- No Room For Three
3. Fascination- Come To Me
4. Cover Girls- Inside Outside
5. G.T.-Second Time For Love
6. George LaMond- Bad Of The Heart- Dom’s Mess Around Mix
7. Abby Lynn- You’re My Only Love
8. Midi Boyz-Midi Jungle (DJ Dominic Funtime Remix)
9. Jammix- My Summer Story
10. Voice In Fashion-Only In The Night
11. The Latin Rascals- Macho Mozart Dub Vs. Rochelle-P.F.A.A
12. Nyasia-Don’t Waste My Time
13. Babie & Keys- Secrets Of Love
14. SaFire-Don’t Break My Heart
15. C-Bank Feat. Geminis-Perfect
16. Judy Torres-Come Into My Arms
17. Jellybean-The Mexican
18. Genuine Parts- I Don’t Care For You
19. Sylvester-Rock The Box-DJ Dominic Rework & Outro

The Veteran DJ Dominc on Facebook

I’ve been a DJ for over 30 years. My first love is Old School Chicago House and Freestyle Music. I have had the honor of meeting and mixing with some of the World’s best Djs. I pride myself in perfecting my craft and keeping an open mind to ALL forms of Music. I continue to mix around town being selective.

I prefer the small bar culture more now. People like myself that enjoy different types of music. House-Dance-Freestyle-Italo-50’s-60-s-70-s-80’s-90’s 00′-Hip-Hop-Reggaeton-Salsa-Tejano-Country-Cumbias-Merengue-JUST DAMN GOOD MUSIC ALL AROUND!

Just because I come from the hood doesn’t mean I only listen to rap day in and out. I love it but I LOVE all types of music!

I get tired of hearing the same songs over and over. That’s why I don’t listen to local radio. There are bad ass remixes that never get exposure. Remixes keep the songs fresh and sometimes they are better than the original!

The only problem is that you need someone to take a chance and introduce them to you. That’s why I became a DJ. It’s more than just pressing buttons or blending 2 songs together. It’s programming the night, making people smile, making them dance, bob their heads. It’s an Art for me! It will always be. I’ve been blazing my trail for over 30 years and it feels great! When I’m on stage, I’m in Control being out of control…yup.

Love me or Hate me…I’m gonna do ME! I have 2 beautiful children that keep my heart beating. I am also a Computer repair technician with over 25 years under my belt. If you need any mobile services Dj or PC you can reach me @ 512-785-9771

King-Dom Mobile Services


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