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WBMX CARES: How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

By on August 31, 2017
hurricane harvey

We here at WBMX have friends and family affected by the devastation of hurricane Harvey. In fact, our Lee Michaels’ daughter and family had to be rescued by helicopter.

Seeing the devastation can’t possibly compare to actually being in it. And as we write this, there’s reports that a chemical plant could literally explode which adds a whole new level of concern for the people affected.

According to the Texas Governors Office, The National Weather Service, The Houston Office Of Emergency Management, FEMA and Weatherbell, the storm has dumped over 11 TRILLION gallons of rain on Texas. The storm set a new record of 51 inches of rain dropped. In a 15 hour span, over 56,000 911 calls were made, normally, the number is 8,000. There’s 33 counties that have been declared federal disaster areas, over 215,000 kids will not be in school for a while; 30,000 people will need temporary shelter and it’s estimated that the storm has already cost the State’s economy over 75 billion dollars. That’s not the worst part, the storm isn’t done wreaking havoc yet so we’re going to do what we can from up here and hope you’ll help.

Posting “I CARE” and using a hashtag on social media just doesn’t cut it. Many of us have lives, we can’t just drop everything and go down there to help. While tens of thousands of people have gone down there including first responders from all over the country, friends, relatives and caring Americans who can go there to help, not all of us can.

If you can’t make it down there you can still do more than just posting a hashtag on social media. DONATE 10 BUCKS! There’s an easy way to do it too, courtesy of the RED CROSS.

Text HARVEY to 90999. that’s it!

Listen, you’re not sending us the money, you’re sending it directly to the RED CROSS. If you’re a high roller and would like to donate more, visit the RED CROSS’ website here.

Your simple text sends a statement that you do more than talk the talk, you walked the walk and put your money where your mouth is by donating to a reputable charity that is knee deep in helping our brothers in sisters who are still not out of the woods down there. Once the rains end, the clean up and rebuilding begins. The trauma, the stress and pain of losing everything is real for millions of people in the region so let’s do what we can to spread this message.

People coming together to help people beats massive bureaucracies awaiting instructions, we’ve seen it on TV all week, the amazing stories of people helping people, it’s the best of America in the worst of times for those affected in the wide region that has been affected. Check out just a small example of it below courtesy of BBC News.

So do us a favor, text HARVEY to 90999, you’ll see a charge of ten dollars on your next cell phone bill and you can feel good knowing that you actually did something more than saying you cared or saying how bad you feel for our brothers and sisters in affected areas, you actually took action.

It’s ten bucks! Pony up!

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