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WBMX.COM On The Radio | Mix Submission Instructions

By on June 26, 2017


Every Friday night at 10PM, WCKG 102.3 FM turns into 102.3 FM The Beat. The station plays a variety of upbeat throwbacks, classic hits and recurrent dance hits. The station also has an AM at 1530 AM which signs off at sunset but the party goes around the clock on the FM.



Returning Saturday at NOON – 7:30 AM SUNDAY

Returning at 10:30 AM on Sunday – Midnight

SNLANJ Chicago Dance Party begins on Saturday nights at 7PM CT and go ’til 4AM.
NOTE: Back in the day, people used to record the mixes. Today, we put the mix with tracklist on a page here at WBMX.COM for the DJS to share the link with their friends so they never miss a mix.


Downers Grove, Westchester, Oak Brook, La Grange, Countryside, Cicero, Berwyn, Villa Park, Oak Park, Addison, Hindsdale, Elmhurst, Roselle, Darien, Forest Park, Melrose Park and nearby areas.


RADIO: You can listen on the AM from sunrise to sunset at 1530, the FM runs 24 hours a day so that option is there all the time for you
ONLINE: You can listen on WBMX.COM, WCKG.COM and on the iHeartRadio website
APPS: WCKG APP | iHeartRadio App | Clubhead TV app


WBMX Twitter –
WBMX Facebook –

WCKG on Facebook –
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Starting Friday, July 8th, we’re going to add ‘The Friday Night Jams’ from 10PM – 4AM on 102.3 FM The Beat. The Friday Night Jams will be guest DJS for the entire block of programming giving them an opportunity to be associated with the official, the real WBMX. We’ve had over 400 mixes already submitted and that way doesn’t work for us.

With that in mind it is MOST IMPORTANT that you FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS TO A TEE TO BE CONSIDERED. With so much going on, this is the system that works best for us, any deviation from what we have set below will result in us passing up your submissions. Thank you for understanding.

If you’d like to submit a mix to us, we’ll need to hear what you’ve done in the past so start out by sending us a LINK – NOT A MIX, A LINK to a mix on Soundcloud, Hulkshare, HearThis, Mixcoud etc. Send us a LINK to some of your work FIRST.

If we ‘greenlight’ you, we will send you drops to use in your mix featuring.

For your mixes, Armando Rivera and Lee Michaels voice the drops in your mixes, we send them to you “DRY”.

If you have a drop with your name in it, that’s fine but nothing else. No social network drops, website drops or anything else.

1. MUSIC: 70’s, 80’s, 90’s – House, Funk, R&B, Freestyle, B-Boy etc.
Artist Examples: JM Silk, Bad Boy Bill, Alisha, Lakeside, Unlimited Touch, Whispers, Cynthia, Daisy D, Real 2 Reel, Crystal Waters, Fast Eddie, Telex, 49’ers, Tyree Cooper, CLS, John Rocca… wide spectrum of club music for you to use.

1. Mix must be 58 minutes at 320K MP3

2. Mix is due to us by Thursday at 7PM to be aired on the weekend show.

3. Tracklist must be submitted with mix along with links to your soundcloud, mixcloud or social networking pages so that we can add them to your bio page on WBMX.COM or We will only accept mixes sent using WE TRANSFER, MEDIA FIRE or a similar service – NO ZIPPYSHARE.

4. Resident DJS go first, your time will be sent to you in an email.

5. After your mix airs, we will then send it to our MIXCLOUD or HEARTHIS.AT page and your mix will be featured on WBMX’s website with that player, tracklist and your bio info including links you have provided. Mixes will be posted on Sunday afternoons following your mix’s air date.

Your mixes will always reside on WBMX making it easy for you to share directly from that page. Share the link to THAT PAGE to your social networks  [each time your mix airs]

Do not post your mix anywhere online before it airs. You can upload your mix to your Soundcloud, Mixcloud Etc a week after it airs and it must be titled in this manner:

“YOUR NAME on WBMX’S Saturday Night Live Ain’ No Jive Chicago Dance Party – DATE”
If you have a website, please make sure to include a backlink to WBMX.COM

Submit your mixes to

On behalf of Sal, Lee, Armando and Matt, thanks!

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